As an illustrator I hold pretentious-ness with major dislike. I have never understood why people need to poo poo certain peices, nor why people spend ages staring at somthing, rubbing their chin, while saying 'hmmm...yes.....yes...'

WHAT ARE YOU SAYING YES ABOUT PEOPLE!? never understood it. Regardless, I continue with my craft as I have a passion for creating visuals from thoughts. I love pulling things out of people's imaginations and putting them on paper. The thing about me, and as I'm sure you've heard many times, from many different artists- is that I'm unique. I love to work in various medias, although pen,ink, and digital seems to be my favoured techniques.

I tend to work in a pop art inspired style. I love the slight graffiti aspect in my work and I prefer working in black and white usually, however lately I seem to find myself working more and more with colour and textures. If you see anything you like on my website, drop me a message or contact me on my mobile and we can talk about prices, or if you'd like to commission me, we can discuss a quote. I'm not ridiculously expensive either, as I know that can put people off a lot. If you wish to buy a framed piece, the price will be a little more to cover that. 

Thanks! I hope you enjoy what you find!

Michelle Brooks Is a young illustrator whose main influences come from the pop art genre. Her work is bold, with thick lines, and  a slight graffiti element. She is an English artist, who resides in Gloucestershire - originally from Hampshire. Michelle has studied Art throughout her education, and has completed various commissions; including a private children's book and a Caricature for Hartbury rugby team. She prefers to stay away from the complicated analytical world or art and revels in the pure spontaneity of it instead. She is a partly self taught artist, although she has received assistance throughout her college and university years. Her work is mainly described as cartoony and fun.